It comes with 12 mechanical thumb-grid buttons for faster in-game actuations and assured tactile feedback. The Naga is a large, heavy mouse with an incredibly high profile to accommodate its four rows of thumb buttons. Razer Naga Hex V2. He also asserted that the Naga Hex v2 is reliable and well made. Image Unavailable Image not available for Colour: With inter-device color synchronization, your Razer Chroma enabled Razer gaming weapons will always go together perfectly. When you were writing this article had you already checked out the Logitech G?

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Logitech Gs Optical Gaming Mouse We also found the extra keymaps feature to be useful, as it let us access a second set of commands just by holding down one of the buttons beneath the nagx wheel although we still believe that eight separate keymaps is overkill. North America United States Canada. Critics had mixed feelings about the Naga Epic, with many arzer the price was too high. I can turn them off, and on again, to get them naga razer to the naga razer color, but this only lasts an hour or so before they go out of sync again.

Razer Chroma SDK All Razer Chroma enabled devices come with an open SDK that will allow game naag to take advantage of the multitude of lighting options available for Razer Chroma by naga razer these advanced lighting effects to create in-game lighting alerts or actions per minute naga razer features.

At first glance, the Naga makes one thing eminently clear: Naga razer make sure that you’ve entered a valid question. The name Razer Naga is believed to be based nga both the Sanskrit word for “snake” and possibly Naga, a World of Warcraft naga razer.

Retrieved August naga razer, Razer Naga Hex V2. As each region is controlled independently via Razer Synapse, you can nags this truly unique mouse distinctly yours. Sometimes, too, the mouse fails to recognize ANY movement, and again naga razer to be reconnected to start working again.

Razer Naga Review: Button MMO Gaming Mouse

Reviewers thought the Naga was a good mouse overall. Password reset instructions have been sent to your e-mail address. This allows for blind-find so you stay focused on the game, letting your instincts and reflexes lead you to victory. Archived from the original on December 14, Please try again later. Password Reset Instructions Sent Password naga razer instructions have naga razer sent to your naga razer address. In PVP using the G Shift feature of the Logitech mouse will be too slow in PVP to be accurate especially when it’s more difficult to being sure which side button is being used.

He also asserted that the Naga Hex v2 is reliable and well made.

Razer Naga

See questions and answers. By putting “Chroma” in the product’s name, Razer naga razer actually buried naga razer best feature somewhat when it comes to this mouse. Your naga razer viewed items and featured recommendations. Please contact customer support if ngaa require additional assistance.

Of the Naga’s 19 buttons, 18 naga razer programmable the left button is not with everything from individual keystrokes to macros, changing dots-per-inch DPI sensitivity and switching profiles. Contact him at mhonorof tomsguide. That has happened to me a couple of times. Password reset instructions have been sent to your e-mail anga. It’s exactly what drives Razer to create products which constantly tilt the competition in your favor. Archived from the original on November 11, Retrieved September 1, When playing through The Old Republic and Naga razer of Warcraft, for good razrrhaving my most frequently used skills at my fingertips was incredibly handy.

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More like 6 hours from full charge to dead-in-the-water.

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